Incorrect resolution and denial to resolve the issue

Hi Team,

I placed an online order with amazon on 13th August 2018 for an amount of 8161.72. I placed all the items together one shot and as I had an amazon gift card, I used 5000 from the gift card and paid the rest 3161.72 by my credit card. The order was then split by Amazon into multiple orders.

I then raised a request to return 4 items from the ones ordered.

The first item returned as a part of the order number 403-4104644-4678757 was accepted and the amount of Rs.283 was credited back to my credit card.

The second item returned as a part of the order number 403-5581391-5932345 was accepted and the amount of Rs.375 was credited back to my Amazon pay. I called the customer care and they advised me to add my bank account so that they can transfer this to my bank account. Post this I can use the same money and pay my credit card bill. I also told them that I’ve requested to cancel two more products and please ensure that the refund comes through to my credit card and not my amazon pay. They confirmed that this would be taken care.

Today 26 August 2018, after returning the 2 items as a part of the order number 403-6031511-3850754 for an amount of Rs.567, when I got a message that the amount is credited to my amazon pay, I called the customer care again and spoke to a lady who advised that she would initiate the amount to be transferred to my bank account. While she was doing it, the call got disconnected. So I called them back and spoke to a gentleman who advised me that this is not possible. I requested for the call to be transferred to his supervisor who told me the same thing. I explained to him about the whole thing but he said he can’t help and the entire money 942 would remain in Amazon pay and I don’t have a choice but to use it.

This is very unethical. Firstly not having the amount credited back to the credit card. Second, making false promises 2 times and third, being of no help.

I’m extremely unhappy about this unprofessional behaviour and I wasted about 3 hours talking on this with no resolution.

Kindly look into the same ASAP.

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