Incorrect Process and Poor Service

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Postal Life Insurance

Sir / Madam,

My name is Mr. Shailesh Janardhan Bhosale staying at Goregaon, Mumbai. I would like to complaint against the Inidan POSTAL Life Insurance Services. The issue is regarding non payment of insurance claim, poorest customer service, Worst Turn Around Time and Bad treatment to customers.

My mother Late Mrs Nirmala Janardhan Bhosale passed away in the year August 2009. She had a postal life insurance as mentioned below.
Policy # – MH-378314-CS

This is to bring into your notice that the claim denial is due to
totally incorrect information. The actual reason I have submitted to
the Mumbai Office on 3rd May 2010 with all the proofs and documents.
But still I have not received any proper justification.

I was told that the case is escalated to the top management in the
location. I revisited there but the manger was on meeting or on leave.
Then they told me that it is sent to Delhi for the review.

Later they told me that my mother was under medication of Diabetes which not declared by the agent.

But isn’t this the common sense that policy owner over age 45 should be gone under a medical treatment. The company did not bother to take the medical tests. Nor even the agent told to do so or advised so.

There were no any further communictions on this. LAter this year I fought there and they agreed to pay me the extra premium paid after death.

I wanted to know why they don’t follow a simple process, there is lots of discrepancies in the current process and really a pain to the customers.

I require to please pay our claim amount or at least provide the invested amount to us.

Then onwards I am still struggling for our rights.

In spite of regularly paying the premium on-time in the entire tenure,
we are still facing these issues.

Following is the greiviavce portal id-GOVMH/E/2012/00768 and the
postal on-line complaint registration no. – 10005099672

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