Incorrect Charging by Jet Airways

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Jet Airways

On 9th April’13 I had booked a return flight ticket from Chennai to Kolkata and Kolkata to Chennai in the Name of Mrs. Anju Lata Singh with PNR No. – HAWLKC. By mistake i selected the link and i was charged in currency CNY.

I was charged CNY – 4002 for the above mentioned ticket which in Indian currency INR – 36663.69 was debited from my Credit Card.

Calculating the above 1 CNY was coming around INR 9.16134182908546, whereas on 9th April’13 the value of 1 CNY was 8.7944 INR.

Realizing the mistake i immediately canceled the booking and received a mail from Jet Airways that the amount refunded is 3627 CNY. Considering the rate which was charged to me (i.e 9.16134182908546 INR) i should get a refund of 33228.19 INR, wheras i have been refunded 30547.68 INR (i.e. i have refunded as per 1 CNY = 8.4222994210091 INR) which is 2680.51 INR less than what i should get.

Conclusion of all the above calculation is that either while booking the ticket i was charged incorrectly or while refunding the amount incorrect calculation has been done.

I have written a mail to Jet Airways twice but no action has been taken from their end.

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