Incorrect Charges and Rude Customer care

Location/place: Panipat

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo

Greeting for the day,
I am using the Tata Docomo services since 5 years. I have a severe issue with the Customer care and internet charges.
I was accessing the internet on 31st July 12. I had no internet pack activated for the internet. I was supposed to be charged 1P per KB. But I was charged Rs. 32.40 for sending an email. When I called to the customer care, they said that their server is busy and they could not help me in this issue and told me to call after 4 hours. When I called after 4 hours, they again said, please call us after 6 hours, the server is not showing my information and charges. And one more thing that now onwards after that issue, I can only connect with customer care ONCE in a day. After that with my phone number , it is hard to connect with C care. They have(Customer care Rep.) made some changes so that I could not speak to them. This is the worst thing I ever faced. If I wish to talk with someone at C Care twice or thrice, I am not able to connect because once I got disconnected, I never be connected. I tried my best but every time I got a message that “All of our customer care reps are busy at the moment , please try after some time”.

Now Please let me know what should I do? I want to get it resolved as soon as possible. I am long time valuable and Loyal customer of Tata Docomo.

Thank you,
Vikram Pal

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