Incorrect Billing – Usage

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: MTS Pvt LTD

I have a MTS connection(Internet – Post Paid). When I purchased the connection, I had paid in advance, where I get 3 GB free every month for 3 months. I got a bill on the 1st of July for the usage from 1st June till the 30th June and on the Bill it mentioned volume used 2221MB(Thats less then 3GB) and the amount payable is 947rs. When I called the customer service they informed that I have used 3 GB plus additional 2221 MB, which I need to make the payment. I was not happy as the bill does not show the same, however as I need the internet connection I made the payment. On the 14th I got a mail saying I am exceeding the credit limit and after few hours the connection was disconnected. When I called the customer service team they said I have use the 3GB between the 1st to the 8th and the credit limit and I need to pay the amount to use the connection or visit the nearby outlet. So I went to the outlet and asked them for a detail usage as I have not used even 2GB for this month. They denied and advised that they don’t have an option of giving an itemized bill. MTS has been awful in they service and I very much believe that they are robbing their customer. I would be good if you’ll can look into this. Please feel free to contact me on 8892906254([email protected]) my MTS number is 8711834569.

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