Incorrect billing

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Vodafone

Hi Team,

I have been charged incorrectly by vodafone for the month of june 2012.

I had a GPRS Plan activated fro which I get 3GB monthly usage. After 3GB the company can charge me 10P/Kb.
I put in a request to de activate the GPRS Plan on 21st of June 2012 and used the services till the time they were activated as I had the plan activated till the time the services were not de-activated on 21st June.
After that the same date i put in a request to re activate the plan and it took them 1 day to activate the same and as per the message the discounted rates were suppose to apply after 12 Midnight. So i did not use GPRS on my phone at all till Midnight.

Now when i have received the bill, I have been charged Rs 800 for the usage of 21st of June 2012. I am unable to understand how can someone charge me for the usage when the plan was activated.

Please help me out and other people like me who are getting charged with the incorrect charges from big companies like Vodafone.

I do have all my communications and messages received from Vodafone for the record. Please let me know incase it is required.

You can reach me on +91-9873545450 or [email protected]

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