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My mobile number is 9540899900. This complaint is regarding your incompetence and disregard for the customer’s regular complaints. Its been 10 days everyday i call and everyday i get calls but then also my complaint is not satisfied. Is it so difficult to understand that i paid the price and not getting the service? I get a call and then they say they will call back in an hour and solve my problem in 24 hours. Are 24 hours equals to 2 days? Is this a new method i dont know about? You think that the customer have all the time to talk to you and you have the audacity to talk rude to me. I have 8 connections at my home and there are many other connections in the market who will solve their customers resolve and not be lazy like you who doesnt know anythings and makes me repeat the problems again and again. Do you think that i have so much time in the world that i rather talk to you than do my work? My father had sent to mail and i called u like 50 times already and still my problem has not been solved. Are you guys idiot or what or doesn’t know the value of money. I get calls from one guy to confirm and no call again. I mean u have sent numerous guys in my home and still i am not getting the channels according to my mega hd package. If your technician took full money from me and didnt gave it to you, is it my problem to solve? Do you guys have a problem or what? If you have no effin time to solve a customer’s problem who has been complaining to you for around 10 days and after you then please do your customers a favor and stop you dth services. Just tell me how many more days are you gonna take to solve my problem so that i doesnt have to call you every second day. And i cant believe that even after talking to your senior, you didn’t solved my problem. And here’s the receipt which you apparently believed wasnt there.

Archi Jain


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From: digitaltv

Sent: Monday 1 July, 14:30

Subject: Re: Cheating/fraud from your dealer Vaishavi Associates


Hello Rajeev ,

I’m Saikumar, your Airtel DigitalTV experience advisor.

I’m writing to you regarding your email on balence deductions for your Airtel DigitalTV ID 3008488816.

As per our telephonic conversation with you on 9811006501 dated 01/07/2019, please note your request has been registered with number 91019897. Our team is working on this and will update you by 02/07/2019 10:10:00.

Please keep your reference No is 1366451718 handy for any further correspondence.

Hope this helps!


Airtel Experience Advisor

On Sun, 30 Jun 2019 at 03:37 PM wrote:

My customer I’d is 3008488816-001, 002, and 003. Other I’d is 3016158893-001. Total 4 connections recharged for 12 months.

I recharge from Vaishavi Associates vide receipt no. 5472 dt 09.06.2019 of Rs. 27744.00 for four connections.

I recharge these connections for 12 months for all HD channels. But today I surprised that these are not working and saying that balance is insufficient. I don’t know what’s the services we are receiving from airtel. After paying money for 12 months it is saying for recharge again before 30 days from recharge date.

Please start the services immediately and take strict action against your dealer.

I am attaching the receipt also.

Waiting for earliest reply.


Rajeev jain

9540499900, 9811006501

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