Inappropriate Billing by Volkswagen Dealer, Ajmer (RDB Cars Pvt. Ltd.)

Location/place: Ajmer

Name of company/service: RDB Cars Pvt. Led.

I, Sanjay Nakhat have a Volkswagen Polo (Diesel – Trendline) bearing Reg. No. RJ01CB 3658. I had taken my car for service to the nearest Volkswagen Showroom in Ajmer by name RDB Cars Pvt. Ltd. When I took the car for the first time(3rd Service) to Ajmer, on 10/3/2012, the service was completed as usual. When it came to the billing part, they had billed 5 Liters as the quantity for engine oil. During service I had observed clearly that only 4 Liters has been used up. When I informed the management about this, they told me that 5 liters has been used up. I told them again to confirm with the mechanic. Upon asking the mechanic, he told that only 4 liters has been used. After knowing this, they apologized and billed me for the correct quantity of 4 liters. Also the MRP of a 4 Liter oil can is Rs.3710/-. But they billed me Rs. 4030/- for oil (Mentioned in Bill No.VSI0027 dated 10/3/2012). I could not do anything more because they said that it was company policy and the bill every car with the same oil price.
The second time, I took the car again on 10/08/2012 for service. This time, I thought that they might not commit a mistake regarding the quantity of engine oil. But they repeated the problem again. This time, they billed me for 5 liters again. Again I told them to check the amount of oil used up. This time it was 4.5 liters. I asked the management to hand over the remaining 500ml or to bill 4.5 liters. They refused to budge and told me that they would bill 5 liters and will not hand over the remaining oil. I argued with them. But it was all in vain. They billed 5 liters of oil. They refused to do anything in the matter and told me that incase I don’t pay the billed amount I will not be allowed to take the car. I had to pay up the price. Even now the MRP on the 4 liter oil can is 3710 and MRP on 1 liter oil can is 970/- but I was billed Rs.4890/- instead of 4680/-(Mentioned in Bill No.VSI00312 dated 10/8/2012) . I paid up the price. When I saw the complete bill, the cars pollen filter and wiper had not been changed. I told them about the matter and instructed them to change the parts .They took the car back again on a new job card. The serviceman told me that pollen filter change is not recommended and is not necessary at all. But I did not listen to them and instructed them to change the pollen filter. Instead of changing it, after half an hour, they inform me that the pollen filter is not available in the spares department. I was disappointed, as the car air conditioner had foul smells emanating. They told me that they would change the pollen filter on the next service after 15000kms. I thought that arguing with such an irresponsible Volkswagen Dealer is useless. I took my car back after paying up the complete price of the wiper change (Bill No. VSI0013 dated 10/08/2012).
I wonder how Volkswagen had appointed such an UNTRUSTWORTHY DEALER to handle a Volkswagen Dealership. Dealerships of such IRRESPONSIBLE dealers must be suspended. I plead to Volkswagen to look into the matter or else there will be numerous other cases of this Dealership spoiling the VOLKSWAGEN brand name for jut a few bucks of money.

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