Improper customer service – product not working

Location/place: Kondaur, Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Manjusree Enterprises ( Prestige Kitchen Care)

Have bought a OTG in December’2011 from manjusree enterprises ( prestige kitchen care) and haven’t been able to use the otg since then.
Whenever I turn it on, the main electricity line trips. Couple of times I took it to the store with the complain and they returned it back saying that the problem is with my electricity connection.
I took the same otg to my friend’s flat in the same society ( my home jewel) and the main line tripped there as well. My friend has his own otg which has much higher power requirement but it works well in his flat. So I got the proof that the problem is not with the electricity connection but with the equipment.
I took it back to the shop owner but he is refusing to accept the fact that the problem is with the equipment.
It’s been 6 months and I haven’t been able to use the product and neither have I got any support from the shop. It’s been a harassment of sorts.
Really disappointed with the shop and prestige brand.

Seek your help to solve the issue.

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