illegal deductions of money from bank

Location/place: silchar (assam)

Name of company/service: Indusind Bank Ltd

I am the account holder of of the bank (Indusind Bank) since april 2012. On date 08 Jun 2012 suddelly an sms delivered to my mobile no 8011484010 that a sum of Rs 5100/- be deducted from from your account. I realy surprised afterall i inform this to customer care that on said date i cant withdraw any said amount. They tell that this amount has been charged against genereal health insurance. On 09 Jun 2012 when i meet the branch manager he tells that act ually the amount has been deducted against general health insurance. But i ask him that how can bank illegaly transfermy amount Rs 5100/- agains general health insurance. He tells that i cant do anything. So i hardly appraise you that this kind of illegal transactions without prior confirmation how can bank deduct money from my account. If they give ATM Card & cheque book than the withdrawal is possible only from cheque & ATM but they simply deduct a sum of Rs 5100/- . On 11 Jun 12 when i meet with bank staff they tells that during the time of opening the accout you sign in particular format ie. on proposal form & the big mistake is that when company ask/converse with account opener that if customer if satisfied/agree with this policy then please tell us afterwards we deduct the amount otherwise we cancel it, but the accout opener cant communicate with me and simply tells that customer is agree. Afterall account opener Mr Nirendu Dev realise that it is his mistake that he doesn’t communicate me & now they tell that we cant do anything. So please may i threfore request you to kindly take serious action against the defaulters that how with prior confirmation they deduct the s aid amount as soon as possible. My account no is 0138V02970001 Indusind Bank, Silchar Branch

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