Illegal custody of my money by HDFC credit card

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank

My name is Inderjot Kaur and I am a classic customer of the HDFC bank for last 5 years holding 2 savings account and one signature credit card of the bank. However, facing a frustrating issue from past few days. On 3 july 12, I made a payment of Rs 96,190 in my credit card bill via HDFC ATM from my classic savings account. But due to some tachnical issue with the machine, the transaction was processed twice in my accounts which is not my fault. I called up the credit card dept on 4 july to get the amount reversed to which they promised would be done within 4 days. The reference number for the same is 12186908553. However, nothing happened for few days. Then I called up again on 9 July and to my amazement, no further action have been taken on that request till then. Then they filed another complaint, the number is 12192716150. Moreover, they said that i’ll not get my full amount refunded as my next bill amount will get adjusted in that. The question is why would someone use a credit card by making payments to the card in advance? It is illogical and stupid. That amount was part of my savings account which gives me interest. Who is going to compensate me for this loss? After that, I am calling the dept again and again but till now and they always say that they will arrange a call back from the senior but nobody calls back. I have not got a single penny reversed in my account yet and today on 12 July,12 a customer service executive named Shahzad told me that this will take another 20 days. I want to know what is happening with my money? I need my full amount to be reversed by the bank and some compensation for the interest lost and the inconvenience. Please lodge my complaint against the HDFC bank.

Inderjot Kaur

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