Illegal connections/old banned meters used in Panckula’s posh sectors

Location/place: Panchkula

Name of company/service: Landlords in Panchkula

I have been staying in Panchkula sector 9 for more than 2 years now. I own a 2-room set, whereas one room is occupied by the owner. They had installed a faulty/banned submeter for that room, which hardly gives any reading. Recently, they installed an AC also in that room, and again meter is not showing any reading, whereas the main meter which is installed haryana govt. electricity department is given to us is giving reading more than usual that we are witnessing for past more than 2 years. They are least bothered about our concerned and enjoying the AC. No official is ready to look at our concern and we are made to pay hefty bills. Owners use their own electricians to wiring according to their wishes. We tenants are suffering at the hands of these unscruplous and so-called sophisticated and upper class people. We are asked to vacate the house if we make any hue and cry about this, othewise keep on paying for their services.

Is there anybody who can do random checks at these houses in sector 9 and 10, because most of the people owning big houses have not approved their loads and using ACs illegally, without disclosing the identity of complainants.


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