Ill Treatment by Kolkata Restaurant

Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: BACHAN MODERN HOTEL


Let me share with you a painful experience in having dealt with a reputed restaurant at Kolkata, West Bengal. The name of the restaurant is “Bachan Modern Hotel” address being 39, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata-26. Phone number – 033 2466 3405.

I had had lunch in the captioned restaurant and ordered for a parcel of “3 plates of Biriyanis & 1 plate Chicken Tandoori”. After we finished lunch, we were provided with single parcel in a poly-pack in our table (it was difficult to find out how much packets were inside) and we took that one and paid the full amount. Reaching home, we found out that we were given only “1 plate Chicken Tandoori & 1 plate Chicken Biriyani”. As immediately called up to the hotel, we were informed that one parcel was kept at the cashier’s desk without our information and I was told to take back the food or if I can not immediately arrive, they would return our money back. I opted for the second option and went to their restaurant in the evening and the way I was treated, I was shocked, taken aback and dumb-founded.

I was rudely informed by the manager (or owner?) that it was my fault that I overlooked and missed to take the parcel as I was given both the bags at the same time. His tone was rough and commanding as I tried to convince him that why should I leave one of the parcels which can in turn give me further trouble and had it been mistake it should have been for both the parcels. Anyway, he humiliated me in front of crowd and I felt utterly harassed. His behaviour was so pathetic that even some other customers interfered.

Therefore, it is my earnest request that please do not ever entertain this restaurant and do not suffer like what has happened with me. And I request appropriate authority to take suitable strict actions against this type of bad elements in hospitality industry.

Best Regards

Sourav Chakraborty
Cell – 9776643929

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