IL logically deducted amount

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

Dear Team,

I have a salary account with Kotak Mahindra bank CRN no 43507488.

I am very much disheartened for the service of your bank. Lots of issues and wrong commitment created from your end several times from the day one.

2. IL logically deducted amount for PIN generation.
3. IL logically deducted amount for non maintenance of day end balance.

Out of these 3 ATM PIN I received today (13-08-2012) after a long follow-ups with your customer service. But still no 2 & 3 are pending.
No 2- whereas I am not received the PIN. Why it deducted???
No 3- I am salary account holder and every month salary has credited to my a/c. why it is deducted???

Surprise-ly I informed in 19th July 2012 for the same and the KMBL Kakurgachi Branch operation committed me “ It will take 7-8 Working days” for re credit the amount but today is 18th Working day (Except Saturday and Sunday) and it is not credited.
The same for the ATM pin generation charges.
Who will pay the interest of that money blocked by the bank from last more than 3 Weeks?

Please look into the matter

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