IFB washing Machine not delevered

Location/place: 8/6 Network, Yagnik Nagar, Amboli Andheri West Mumbai 400058

Name of company/service: Mallaika Appliances

I had ordered a Serena vx IFB Washing Machine by paying a cheque of Rs. 22995.00 (fukll payment)on 27 May 2012 from Malliaka Appliances, Near Asha Parekh Hospital, Santa Cruz but till date have not received it. Every time they keep on telling that it will come in 2-3 days but it has not yet arrived. Today I have asked them to return the payment if they cannot send the order. This has coused a lot of harrassment to us as we are not sure if we will get our money back. Please let us know the solution

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