Idea cheating Customers by increasing their amount. when send complaint, no one replies.

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Idea

Dear Sir,

I have 2 postpaid numbers of idea, 9540136111 and 9540156111. Around 4 months back for number 9540136111 I received a msg from idea that outstanding aomunt is around rs 1600 which is more than your account limit(1000 Rs) so you can’t use your service. I made a payment of rs 1100 on same day. However, My service was still not started. Next day I received a msg from idea that my outstanding amount is around 8000. I sent complaint to idea custcare through my idea account. But no one replied me. I tried to call their cust care number many times. But no one gave me proper response. Afte 2 days 1 Cust care executive told me that My outstanding bill amount is because of Data Usage. However, I asked him how my data usage can be of rs 8000 in just 1 night and also My services were stopped. So I can’not use the gprs and calls. So how they have charged me for that usage which were stopped by idea. Cust Executive said he don’t have details for that. So I Refused to pay as they were not giving me the details and I changed my number. After three months I got call from Cust care person from idea regarding the outstanding amount and said I have to only pay Rs 1220 and my services will be started for the same number. Then I asked him to send me the email for the same. He refuse to send the email and I again did’nt make the payment. So I notice that how unofficially they do work.

As i was too much frustrated by idea services. I sent request to port my number to vodaphone. Yesterday(July, 16, 2012) I received a call from idea to not port my number. I was busy in meeting and told them to call me later. Today again I have received a msg from idea for my second number 9540156111 for outstanding amount 9383. This is very basic phone. I don’t have ISD plan. This phone does’nt support GPRS. How they have increased my amount to 9383 from around rs 200 in just 1 night. I have sent a complaint to them, but not received any call from their side yet. I am trying to call their custmer care number. call is not getting connected. This is second time idea has cheated me.

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