Location/place: Secunderabad

Name of company/service: IDEA Cellular

This is Venkat from Hyderabad and using the IDEA number 9010929394 from past 8 months under 3G 333 plan. Last week my outgoing and 3G were barred due to not paying previous months balance 178 rupees. I have paid the amount and my outgoing calls were activated and technical people missed to activate 3G services. I have been calling the customer care from past 5 days to reactivate the 3G services and the customer care people are saying that the issue has been escalated to the next level. The request numbers is 144005473 and I have sent a message to 12345 to know the status of this request ysterday and got a shocking reply that the REQUEST WAS PROCESSED SUCCESSFULLY. Again I called the customer care and informed them that the issue is not resolved, then he logged a new request 144038027. Whenever I called the CCare, the only reply Im getting is, the issue will be resolved today afternoon or midnight. Already 4 afternoons and 5 midnights gone, but still the issue persists.

Please note that this is your problem and why should I pay .50 paise for 3 minutes for contacting the customer care.

Do the needful asap.

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