Idea Cellular registered my number under wrong name/address during portin

Location/place: Mysore

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular

Dear Sir/Madam,

My mobile number is 9632548150. I had registered for a new postpaid Idea connection (using mobile number portability from Airtel) on 6th April 2013.

My Airtel sim card was deactivated on 13th April 2013. However, the new Idea sim card failed to register/activate with the Idea network. I visited the nearby Idea office on 15th April 2013 to enquire about the delay in activation of my new sim card.

I was informed that my number was activated under somebody else’s name, with a different address. This is a very serious error on the part of Idea Cellular. There is a very high chance that somebody else’s number is now registered in my name.

The local dealer promised to follow this up. However, just to be sure, I also emailed the Idea appellate authority (Karnataka). I have so far (as of 18th April) not even received an acknowledgement of my complaint from the appellate authority (inspite of emailing a second time to enquire about the status).

I was called twice and asked for address verification (asking for the wrong name that my number is now registered with). Both the times I informed the person that there is a mistake on their side and the number has been registered with a wrong name.

Today (18th April) I went to the local dealer and resubmitted the address proof (although I did not have to, they requested me to do so for faster action). After this, my number is now deactivated ! I’m unable to receive/make any calls.

I did not expect such an unprofessional behaviour from Idea Cellular. If the appellate authority is too busy/arrogant to even acknowledge my complaint (let alone resolve it quickly), and the technical team takes so many days to rectify their own mistake (note that the issue is not yet solved and my number is now deactivated), Idea Cellular is nothing short of pathetic.

— Vaivaswatha N

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