Idea cellular company charge the amount in the name of 3G usage. Without intimating me they activate 3G & deduct the money.

Location/place: Vikas Puri, New Delhi

Name of company/service: Idea cellular

Dear Sir,

I am idea user since 2004. But now a days this company employed persons at customer care highly inefficient. They don’t know abt their products. They are just cutting the balance from prepaid a/c without any reason. On 18th June, I have only Rs.10 & some paisa at 1.37pm. When I recharge my a/c with Rs.500.00 they deduct the balance with Rs.82 & some paisa on a/c of 3G usage for 2hour & 30 min. I asked them how it is possible that on 1.45pm. They admitted that there is some mistake & then they record my complaint. But after 3 days, they are denying to reverse the balance.
Luxmi Aggarwal

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