idea cellular cheating with false offer

Hi, I am Santhosh and my mobile number is 9010574292. I got an sms from idea(IA-612345) on june 12th at 8.52pm saying offer for today, get 1 GB 3G+25 TT for 28 days at Rs.154. So I recharged my mobile with 154. I got an sms from 9848001113 saying credited volume 512mb. Exp date 09/07/2014 PRP;500MB 3 G 28d.and I did not get my balance 512MB and 25 rupees talktime. I called them on 16th june 4 times, every time they told the application was down and call after 1 hour. So I called on 17th for the fifth time and one cc person received my call took the details and told they have no such offer for me. But When I gave full details he asked me to cut the phone and with in one hour I will get my balance or at least one of their senior executive will call me back and solve my problem. I waited till 10pm and I didn’t receive any call or my balance. so once again I called them back, this time some other person received my call and he told they had no such offer and they dont have any idea about the message I got. so he told me they cant help me anymore. I am here attaching both the messages.Its an example of how they are cheating their customers. I am going to file a case in consumer court also.Though the money is 154rupees, its their cheating nature, irresponsibility and gross negligence which really hurted me.

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