IDEA blackberry Service

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: IDEA-New Delhi Circle

Dear Sir,

I am using blackberry plan 599 on idea post-paid connection-(M No-9891241314 Delhi circle) more than one year .Idea discontinued the BB plan 599 and change the plan to 399 from last DEC 2011 but till date i am getting 599 on my bill, i request IDEA to reimburse my money that excess collected from me from last Dec (Complaint reference number -111704805 (12-06-12) ) i received replay that they unable to process the waiver and Idea didn’t give me a proper justification for the same ,they said IDEA published the plan change on web site rest customer’s duty to daily check Idea web site for plan change.
Idea offer me that at the most they can give me a reduction of Rs 225 on future bills,
(i.e next three months 75 x 3 ) as a good will
if any hike in plan Idea will Charge on the very next day, if plan rate cuts they should at least inform the users that u r plan is changed /we r discontinued u r plan.
Sir in my case i strongly believe I must get my money back as Idea discontinued the plan on Dec there is no logic to collect excess money from me after that.
Thanking You.

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