IDEA 54300 fraud

Location/place: hyderabad

Name of company/service: IDEA 54300

My phone number is 9505557342. I am IDEA andhra pradesh pre paid sim customer. Today I have received a message from sender “54300” at 17.02 saying that I was subscribed to a service which I got nothing to do. The message is “your CBC_Breaking_News has been activated. Amount charged is Rs 30.0 /- for 1 Month. Renewal charge is Rs [email protected] as applicable. To deactivate sms UNSUB bnwcbc30 to 54300”.

My compliant is that I was never subscribed to above service. The activation is fraudulent as it is without my consent. The deduction of amount for a service which I never consented or agreed is a day light robbery and a fraud. IDEA if involved in this activity should be shameful for cheating its customers. I want to bring this fraud and shameful cheating of customers to the public notice.

thanking you and hoping for prompt action,

kiran kumar paruchuri

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