ICICI Lombard :Unfair dealings

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: ICICI Lombard

I am a policy holder of ICICI Lomabard Policy No :40341/FFH/W-989856/01/000 ( Name : Madhurima Samajpati).
I bought this policy 2 years back from Gurgaon Branch , currently i am undergoing treatment for Kidney failure in Kolkata.
I have been diagnosed with Uremia 5 months back & approached ICICI Lombard, to my utter surprise i received a decline letter on the ground that i had high Blood pressure for last 2 years.
In the current life style who does not have high / low blood pressure , this cannot be a valid reason .
I am sure everyone would agree that a person buys insurance thinking that they will get help at the time of crisis .
ICICI Lombard has changed the meaning of Insurance, to me its absolutely unfair , when we bought it no one briefed us anything it was only the premium for which we used to get follow up calls.
I am extremely unhappy with the service , with my fragile health i am unable to follow up every now & then.
All i want that an Insurance company should behave & conduct like one & not as a thief , when i was hospitalized for my initial treatment one of ICICI Lombard representatives came to check & met the doctors . After that we did not get any call or any update from ICICI Lombard
When we started following up after my discharge the decline letter was sent , as a customer i feel cheated , this is not handled correctly & properly .
The worse customer service has affected a customer’s mind .
ICICI Lombard replied to me with following details :
We share your concern as a valued customer of the ICICI Lombard family. This is with reference to your email dated 5th June, 2012 pertaining to Cashless (AL). In this case following are the pre-existing diseases. Hypertension since 2004 (Consultations with Dr.Anoop Chabbra MD, Lall Nursing & maternity Home) Rheumatic Arthritis since 2006 (Consultation with Dr.Rajesh Verma, The Apollo Clinic) Above mentioned conditions, which were prior to policy booking, were not disclosed at the time of policy inception. Hence Rejection stands Valid as per below mentioned clause as per policy terms & conditions provided to you. “As per policy terms, clause 1 of PART III SCHEDULE, Incontestability and Duty of Disclosure: The Policy shall be null and void and no benefit shall be payable in the event of untrue or incorrect statements, misrepresentation, misdescription or on non-disclosure”.

I have replied back to ICICI Lombard with the following details:
Regarding Hypertension since 2004 (Consultations with Dr.Anoop Chabbra MD, Lall Nursing & maternity Home) – I have high blood pressure , which was controlled by oral medicine .
When we bought the policy ICICI Lombard representatives never asked for any medical history of mine , all they were bothered about the premium .
We were not informed to give any documents ,neither we were given any time or understanding of the policy benefit .
If the medical fitness disclosure is so important why is it not mandatory for a policyholder to give fitness certificate alongside at the time of buying policy. Before ICICI Lombard calls out some one’s medical state as misrepresentation of data ,they should be mindfull of the fact that you are questioning someone’s integrity .
We did not hide any thing when we bought the policy , its just that no one was interested to know anything , we were getting frantic calls from ICICI Lombard call centre & it was completely a push selling … kind of forceful decision making .
I would suggest ICICI Lombard to take a deep dive into your selling strategy , insurance policy selling should be different from timeshare selling strategy .. i am sure any sensible individual will agree with me.
We were made to make the payment beforehand & the policy document was sent to us later , it is cheating , unfair moneymaking is good provided ICICI Lombard call it gambling & do not label it insurance .
As Far as Arthritis is concerned : I am suffering from Kidney failure , not arthritis , the reference which was given , we went to the doctor due to my joint pains , however my reports were negative . All reports clearly show that i do not have arthritis .
I am sure people are sensible enough to understand that ICICI Lombard is here to make money through unfair means … its actually not an Insurance partner .
As per ICICI Lombard’s Mail “The Policy shall be null and void and no benefit shall be payable in the event of untrue or incorrect statements, misrepresentation, misdescription or on non-disclosure.
Can ICICI Lombard show me any documents which we have given at the time of buying the policy — NO is the answer as we were never asked to do so … HOW can you sell a policy without knowing the policy holder’s medical condition .
If the policy was sold without any document :ICICI Lombard does not have any authority to call out untrue or incorrect statements, misrepresentation, misdescription or on non-disclosure of anything .
Why was the policy given without paperwork ? its a behavior like cheat fund agency

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