Iam cheated by Basketoption Pvt ltd

Location/place: bangalore/jayanagar

Name of company/service: Basketoption pvt ltd

Iam cheated from the company called Basketoption pvt ltd. please dont join basketoption pvt ltd which is in jayanagar bangalore.I have worked in basketoption pvt ltd they didnt provide me a proper salary of what they have promised and no offer letter and no relieving letter its totally waste of u r time if u work in basketoption. They says they l provide and they never do all such things. And also if u join they will make you to work like a horse and initiate more pressure in work.At last they will provide u very less salary and they will make u to work for more than duty timings. Hence if u stay with out job also its ok but dont join to this basketoption pvt ltd Insurance. finally its waste of your time no growth no future Remember.

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