I Have Recived Fack Email

Location/place: Nepal

Name of company/service: RBI India

I Have Recieved This Email Track this Address and phone Number
Dear Beneficiary.
Dated: 06-12-2012.

Find herein the attached Reserve Bank of India (Notification Letter of Requirements) (Certificate of Acceptance) (Transfer Application Form). Kindly print out the first and second page of the attached Transfer Form and duly fill it accordingly with all the relevant information as was stated and sign your signature on both the Transfer Form and Certificate of Acceptance. Scan the duly filled copies of the Form along with other required documents including signed copy of the Certificate of Acceptance and forward the scanned copies of the entire documents to us immediately to enable us proceed further with the processing of your award cash Conversion and transfer process into your nominated account according to the rules of the NGO Reserve Bank of India, individual funds Conversion and remittance law.

We would forward RBI Agency’s affiliated account details to you immediately we receive the required documents. Wherein, you move down to the Nearest State Bank of India and deposit the required official transfer processing and Conversion fees as it was stated in the attached documents.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Sudharani. G.R.
RBI Remittance Dept,
NGO Unit, Mumbai.
Tel: +91-2266 5085 69.
Cell: +91-8879 047379
C&R Office: [email protected]
Branch Office: [email protected]/
[email protected]

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