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Location/place: Chennai – Tamilnadu

Name of company/service:

I have ordered (Order No. is 3266078) a product from on 09 / July 2012 & I paid Rs. 3545.00 from my Credit Card. I have not recieved the product as they said that “We have attempted to Deliver the Product, But Could’nt Reach Me”. I am using the mobile number last Two Years and the Shipping address is still alive. They have sent a mail regarding their delivery attempts. They mentioned that they have tried on 10 July 12 & 11 July 12. They have sent the product thru their own Shipping Agency “Myntra Logistics”. The interesting part in this is they have already delivered two bag to the same address and now they are saying they are unable to locate the place. The original cost of that product is Rs. 4995.00 and I have placed an order with the price of Rs. 3545.00 (10 % Product Discount, 10% Discount of Exceeding the product price above Rs. 2999.00 & They have given me a Coupon with a value of Rs. 500.00). After they have recieved the return product and they asked me to reorder but I have to pay Rs. 4045.00. As my understanding I am eligible to get tht product with the same price (Rs. 3545.00). But they are not giving that for the same price. Tell me what I have to do in this regard. Waiting for your response. Also need to know where I have to lodge the complaint. Myntra based at Banglore and I am settled in Chennai – Tamilnadu.

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