i have got cheated by CFS(City Fincrop Service) Ajmer

Location/place: bangalore/richmond town

Name of company/service: I K Marketing

In the month of March i have applied business loan with CFS with the local agent after few days i got mail from the agent saying that my loan had approved please pay 2000 for approval charges which i have deposit in the account of CFS and after 20 days loan has been approved for 5 lakhs there told me to pay Rs.25600/- Processing charges which i have done rtg from bank than i have send all the document and guarantee boad in courier after few days i got a mail from the CFS saying that your file is incompleted because of non produce of solvency certificate, which there have not told before depositing the processing fees, i have taken hardship get the solvency certificate from my bank in mean time bank has refuse to give solvency certificate saying we cannot issued that only for government project not for private financial institution so i have told them again and again i have told that its not possible to get that certificate so there told me there going to cancelled the file, so when there have cancelled the file thier have to refund the amount , today on 14-08-2013 i got a courier in that i have a latter saying that on the request of Agent Madhusudan the file has cancelled and there have given PDC cheque for 3/9/2013 which i have paid by RTG on current date and there have deduct the amount from precessing fees now this comapny has cheated many customer in bnagalore

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