I had ordered 6 books out of which only 1 book I received in the parcel, rest bills of all 6 were there in that parcel.even though courier boy is also saying that he delivered only one book in parcel.

I have placed the order of 06 competetive books online through AMAZON and received the order but it was containing only one book out of 06 ordered. I did not receive rest of 5 books but the parcel contains bills of six books. The parcel containing only one book and sticker on the parcel mentioning 6.81 kg of Weight which no one in the delivery department has checked. I had also made complaint regarding it on Amazon but did not got any satisfactory respond up to now. They are saying that there investigation is done, however a call from courier boy comes to me for delivering parcel which contains only one book and that was too confirmed from courier boy Nilesh. I had spoken to customer care service 3-4 times, but they are begging sorry. Nobody in the customer care service is interested to do his duties. They are getting payment because of us. I want them to reinvestigate the matter and atleast found the truth from courier boy . I had also asked for return pick up for that single parcel which I received, now they are saying they will refund only one book amount. On speaking with customer service at that time staff was suggesting open challenge to me do whatever want to do , file case or go to media.
Details of order: —
Order placed on 20 July 2018
Order Id 402-7271487-5448319

Plz take necessary action against authorities so that they should think atleast once before cheating consumers.

Ankur Saxena

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