I am not satisfied and faced utter disappointment by dell’s service

&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location/place&lt;/b&gt;: Hyderabad&lt;/p&gt;<p><b>Name of company/service</b>: Dell India</p>I have a Dell Studio Laptop bought 3 years back.
Recently about a month back there seemed to be a problem with mother board. when i requested the technical support regarding the same, they have asked me to make payment for the part (INR 11000/-) which i duly paid on the same day.
They promised me a solution at the earliest and then kept on delaying it by 2 days, 3 days each time i called them.
now after 25 days of Painful waiting they say that the parts are not going to be available hence they will refund the money with services charges deducted. Hence this is my complaint on them for keeping me in dark about the actual situation and never reverting back to me as promised.
(I was also promised a 5 yr hardware manufacturing guarantee from DELL when i brought the laptop, though its only 3 years now they say they wont provide service)

I request Dell people to stop boasting of their timely responses and prompt service. and i also request everyone who are planning to buy a dell laptop not to expect to use it for more than 2-3 years. so if you want to face pain and torture of endless wait you can expect it from DELL.
(my Dell Case number is 874491310)
R Abhishek

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