I am deprived of services- they are not delivering the promised speed of internet connection respite of several requests

Location/place: uttarpara, hooghly

Name of company/service: Sify Broadband/ Sify technologies Ltd.


I have taken an internet connection from the Uttarpara channel partner (Unique broadband) of Sify Broadband services.

I am given a plan of RS 570 and the promised or expected speed should be 380 kbps.
But they are not providing it for last 5 months and so. I have been requesting them to do something. But both the parties are blaming each others.
When I ask UNIQUE BROADBAND they ask me to call or contact SIFY BROADBAND. I have not got any service from Sify. They never turned up to my home to check the issue. NO technicians are coming.

I am deprived of the services promised. As a consumer I must get the services promised. Being helpless I have to lodge complaint here.

Let the world know how CHEAP/POOR SIFY BROADBAND SERVICES HAVE BECOME and how they CHEAT CUSTOMERS while never forget to take money as the subscription.

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