Humiliating Customer Service

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: SunDirect

I am sorry to say this. But absolutely disgusting customer service. The person by name Prema spoke to me very rudely though i am a customer. Hung up phone on me while talking. No customer service etiquette found. We raised a complaint 1-5733150635 initially saying that there was an error. Then the STB was replaced. However, the issue was still not resolved. Hence raised another complaint 1-5769289450. Then no one called up. When we called up the technician who worked on the issue to come back again, he asked for some money when we have already paid for the STB. Out of surprise, when we called customer service again, they raised another complaint number 1-5781342033. Now today when i tried to get a status update on the case, i had to talk to Prema and she was completely rude from the beginning of the call. She made statements like “you don’t even know how much to pay and whom to pay” and then when i asked for a manager she said that managers are not meant to talk to customers like us. I was holding my anger and was requesting to transfer the call to some one else who can help me, she denied and hung up the phone on me. I am going to consumer forum to file a case against this case. I also want the call recording of this instance.

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  1. 9 years ago

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