Huge billing amount send which has not been used & Legal notice sent by Advocate

Location/place: Chembur

Name of company/service: Lets Talk Institute

Dear Sir / Madam,

We were customer of Tata Docomo bradband, my account no. is 978524602, normally every month we use to get bill from the day we started Rs. 717/-, for the month of Nov. 2011 we got the bill of Rs. 2443/-, for which we wrote mails to them where we got a very unsatisfactory answer, they said if you don’t pay the bill we will disconnect your connection, so we paid for that month, again next month we got the bill of Rs. 2770/-, where we denied to pay and without intimating they disconnected our connection, we agai paid the amount to them where the internet connection service they had given only for 3 days & again disconnected saying that your bill amount has gone to an extent of Rs. 15000/- so first pay that amount and then we can start the connection. We demanded for itemised bill from them. They have sent us itemised bill where usage has been shown at the time when internet access used to be closed in that period which seems that the itemised bill was a fake. We have only one computer in the office & internet usage is very less. We denied to pay the bill as we have not used internet to such an extent. There had been mental harassment from the customer care every day for paying the bill. recently in the month of July two executives visited our office & threatened us saying that pay the bill or we will send legal notice.

Now they have sent us legal notice through an advocate Mr. Mahesh R Joshi.

Please let us know what shall we do in this regards.

Thanks & regards
Foram Shah

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