Location/place: Mohali

Name of company/service:
At above website, I participated in a draw for
Order Number: 1632570 Total Amount : INR (Indian Rupees) 99.00 and Order Number: 1632518 Total Amount : INR (Indian Rupees) 99.00 in December 2011,,,
After which I have received mail that I was not selected in lucky draw, so that they will give me some credit balance in my account,, although website posted to refund money in the account,,,
till date its not being received,, several times i have mailed them,, and they reply that we will help you shortly,, and it is taking two years for them to help….
Disputed Amount: 198
I have already spend 200 or more calling and talking to explain about matter to the customer executives in this two two years..
I have wasted much of my time, energy and mentally fighting with those guys all time..
Do you think if they return me 199 back after two years, the decision is a justice…
I claim to consumer court, that I need a zero behind 199 for each year spent to contact them to give my money back and hell inconvenience i have gone through, just to contact,, (Now, I claim 19900 for two years, for FRAUDING)
Now I claim to consumer court that website ( is a FRAUD ,, that they attract such investments from customers saying that money will be credited back into your account if not selected for lucky draw,, and not returning money till years unless complained to a higher authority..even if complaint, they return money in terms of store credits,, so that the cheated customer is again forced to buy some unwanted products from the website, which are already higher on price and low on quality..
Please file a complaint for closure of such a FRAUD website,, cheating customers…

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