HTC Pulse Handset with postpaid plan MPulse – Karnataka

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: MTS Ltd.

I have taken HTC handset one year back that is 8th June 2011, from chamrajpet. Now after completing my one year contract, that is paying 1500 INR every month(with tax 1,655 INR). Now I want to change my postpaid plan to prepaid plan they are not doing it. But when I brought the handset I clearly mentioned that I need prepaid connection only because my usage is not more than 100 INR per month than why I should pay tax 80 to 150 INR every month and i not use much calls also. They said we will assure that we will do that. So I cleared all my dues that is till 11th June 2012 and now I am not using the mobile from few days(No outgoing calls and sms). Also I have given request letter but no answer from them. After 2 working days, I called customer care they said it is possible and they given one customer care number to file a complaint regarding this matter but when I called them, they also given the same answer not possible to migrate from postpaid to prepaid connection for this HTC handset for now. If in future they have means let you know they said and disconnected. Now after paying nearly 20,000 INR if they do like this what should I do. I am middle class person. Doing my post-graduation in part time and working in less salary paid company. Now what should I do. I am feeling very bad about it.
My MTS connection mobile number is 8453537900, and alternate number is 7204774927. Please do the needful help regarding this matter.

Kiran. S

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