Housefull sent damaged and second hand furniture peices

Location/place: Mumbai

We have bought 4 brand new pieces of furniture from Housefull on 2/10/12 Invoice numbers 618/621. Though 3 peices were received on time but the assembling has been done very badly and in the process the furniture has been damaged. On again and again complaining and the furniture lying unused for a week , a polisher was sent and by polishing and consealing he has hidden the damage to the wardroobe and the bokkshelf. However the tv stand glass fitting has been done so badly that it cannot be repaired. I need a solution for this as it looks like a damaged and second hand peice.

After almost 20 days of follow up and without any communication from housefull the shoe rack fully assembled from before hand was delivered and that also not on the given time. We missed a lot of functions in the new house without the furniture.However even this peice of furniture has a lot of scratches on it and does not look a new one. It looks like a second hand peice.

Inspite of telling the representatives and calling the office there are no heeds taken to the complaints. I have also sent the photographs to them. They are taking this very lightly. We feel we have been duped and given a second hand furniture.

As we have shifted to a new house and a lot of money spent we could not wait and we had to use the furniture , but we are not satisfied at all with the new furniture, if we wanted a second hand furniture we could have gone to chor bazaar rather then buying from the housefull showroom.

We need 50 % refund of the cost of the damaged and second hand furniture and be compensated for the humiliation caused as our house looks so untidy with this peices as we have been having so many guests visiting our new house.

Awaiting your kind response at the earliest on the above.

Thanking you.

Rashida Khambati

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