House hold goods not recevied through Patel Packers and Movers

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Patel Packers and Movers

Myself Hitesh shah working with TATA STEEL at Jamshedpur. I am relocating my family from New Panvel (Navi Mumbai) to Jamshedpur. I book my house hold goods through M/S Patel Packers and Movers. 13, Shiv Mangal Market, A G link road, Asalfa, Mumbai. (Phone – 9167649137, 022 65858666, 9321858666)
Company executive come to my home address to see the house hold goods and rate discussion. During discussion they told me they take my consignment through close container and reach the destination within 5 days. Even they promise me that is individual consignment so no other consignment added to close container. So I agree for close container for Rs. 43000/ plus Tax and as per value of good insurance charge extra.
On 24/05/2012 by 12:00 PM they started packing my goods, by 18:00 Hr. Miss Ranjan Patel inform me that they are not able to get the close container so they are sending me open truck and they are taking full responsibility of my goods. We had a discussion regarding the false promise by them and about the money also before I agree to load my goods in open truck. During discussion Ranjan patel agreed for Rs. 36000/ pluse tax and insurance extra. Also she agreed that I will pay money before delivery at Jamshedpur. Company Man Mr. Yogendra has written on consignment copy also about the payment term and how much I have to pay.
I left Mumbai on 25/05/2012. I call to ranjan patel on 26/05/2012 and she is asking for money. She told me she has not done insurance and if I will not pay her cash of Rs. 40000/ then I will not get my goods. On 28/05/2012 my cousin went to her office at Asalfa for payment but surprising there is no office and one man from patel packer and movers asking for money on road. So my cousin refuse to pay. Even they are not giving any correct information about my consignment. And Miss Ranjan patel is not ready to meet my cousin.
After series of discussion she agreed to meet my cousin and collect the cheque payment. On 31/05/2012 my cousin made a payment of Rs. 40000/ plus Tax. At there Asalfa goddown And they refuse to given insurance copy, and told me that they have not done insurance. And she told to my cousin that by 5/06/2012 I will get my goods.
Till date (10/06/2012) I have not received my goods and they are not providing any information about my consignment.
Now I lost my hope that I will get my consignment.
So please help.

Hitesh Shah
Mobile – 8092087099
[email protected] and [email protected]
Attached copy of bill and consignment bill.

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