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makemytrip Bus ID – NU27011937550887
I booked a volvo from Delhi to Dharamshala for 15th June and got the confirmation email and SMS for the same.
To my surprise, the bus operator never got the confirmation of my booking and the bus left without boarding the two of us.
I called customer care for immediate support but the experience was so annoying and disappointing that I never imagined.
Mr Kuldeep from customer care assured to look into the matter and arrange another bus in the next 10 minutes.
i waited for half an hour but didnt get the call. I called customer care around 15 times and right when it got connected to Kuldeep at 6.15pm on 15th june, he disconnected the call. Eventually, after 1 hour of trying relentlessly, he processed a cash back stating the reason of breakdown of bus, which both of us knew wasnt the reason. He didnt bother to call the bus operator to know the exact reasons.
He again assured a cab service from dharamshala to delhi in lieu of the booking and transferred the call to Mr Sameer from cab department at around 7pm. Sameer promised a call back in the next 2 minutes which I am still waiting for. He is also well trained in dodging customer’s call till she gives up, so he also didnt pick the call for 1 hour.
i gave up at that point and booked an ordinary bus from dharamshala to delhi. We went through an excruciating and horrible bus journey for the next 13 hours.
One mistake from your end made us experience the worst journey so far and you didnt even have the courtesy of one PHONECALL.
I assume that customer care means customer torture to you and you try your best to test someone’s patience and will to follow up with your representatives.
I need to know the reasons of the mistake and what are your plans of compensating for the terrifying experience.
I am sorry but a refund of bus tickets doesnot make up for a non-AC ordinary 134 hours spent on a back seat of ordinary bus filled with sweat and smell of hundred passengers.
A disappointed horrified ex-customer

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