Horrifying Whirlpool Washing Machines

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Whirlpool

We bought a fully automatic top loading washing machine of Whirlpool in April, 2010 paying Rs.12500/-.

It had 2 years warranty period which expired this April. In last 6 months (during warranty period) we have to complain for the washing machine for 3-4 times and the company might have changed the parts worth Rs. 5000-6000/-.

Now we have to take AMC (extended warranty ) to cover the machine for service for one year by paying Rs. 2350/-. Since we forgot to do that within warranty period and now our circuit of the machine has gone out of order so we have to cough up Rs. 3500/- for one year.

We have requested the company if the product can be replaced but they have refused to do so and told they will only give service now.

I have another horrifying experience with Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine that I have gifted to my senior citizen parents in December,2008. It became out of order at least 5-6 times in a span of one year even during the warranty period was there.

So I have to call Whirlpool for service since my parents can not take the hassles. I requested them to replace the product since my senior citizen parents can not bear so much of trouble. But the answer was same.

I have to cough up similar amount for my parent’s washing machine to extend the warranty for two years(during that time it was 2 years).

I do not know at the end of 5-10 years how much we have to pay to keep the washing machine running.

I will be highly obliged if we can get any assistance to get rid of this troublesome washing machines .

Thanking you,

Sima Gupta
98744 26086

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