Horrible Paper Checking in IGNOU

Respected Sir/Mam,

I Manas Gupta from Kolkata (Enrollment No.: 156951407) would like to share my experience with IGNOU. I am studying M.Com from IGNOU and recently I have completed giving all my exams for my M.Com 1st and 2nd year in June 2018. I have cleared all the subjects in my M.Com 1st and 2nd year with good marks and without reappearing in any exam.
However, there was one last subject in M.Com 2nd year “MCO-07” in which the Examiner failed me by awarding me only 36/100. I thought that maybe this was a mistake and then I applied for “RE-EVALUATION”. But when my reevaluation result came out, again I was awarded 34/100 which is very shocking. I am a student of IGNOU who was able to score even 68, 66,63/100 in written examination but I am not sure how and why the IGNOU examiners awarded me 36/100 and if that was not enough, they again awarded me 34/100 in reevaluation. I am feeling very upset and disappointed from IGNOU right now but not sure what to do and whom to approach to fix this as IGNOU has a very good habit of not to picking up phones when people are calling them. I guess there is only one way which is to re-appear for exam as reevaluation was a complete failure for me. So I am writing to you so that you can help me to find out that if the marks awarded to me in MCO-07 is really as per the answer I have written in the answer sheet during the examination day or it is just a poor and careless paper checking process. I am very sure that I have been awarded very low marks in this subject.

So I sincerely request you to please help me out with this problem as this is the only last subject where I was awarded less marks and I want a honest re-check as well as would also like to see the Answer Sheet by my self.

Thanks & Regards,
Manas Gupta

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