Hopeless services and supplies form DSK

Location/place: Vasant Lawns ; Thane , Maharashtra

Name of company/service: DSK Heating Systems

This company –viz DSK Heating systems ( address –44/45,Gautam Centre, Near Mangla High School, Thane ( East), Maharashtra ) ; supplies electrical water heaters. The geysers installed by them in my flat at Vasant Lawns are of sub standard quality. We replaced one of them by paying about Rs 2500 extra but the leakage problem persists. The geyser body is supposed to be designed for high water pressure which will be seen by all such installations in a high ris buildings. However this company tries to defend their sub standard product by saying that high water pressure creates the problem. Even after providing pressure reducing valves ( AT OUR OWN COST) in water inlet ; the problem still persists. Company’s mechanics are of sub standard quality and their behaviour is very arrogant. In general this company supplies sub standard quality material and their services are very poor and their approach towards customers is highly arrogant and indifferent.

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