Honda car at workshop since last three months

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: ideas ca

this is into to bring into your notice that i have own honda accord ….on april 12 i met an accident on NH8, but for my shock at the time of accident only two air bags opened, were as the front glass was broken as well as the side support was damaged but both the side air bags didn’t open.

thankfully i was saved , but we buy this cars because of this safety features but when these were required the most it didn’t work , i wish to lodge a complaint to understand the reasons of this failure.

secondly my car is at Ring road honda Gurgaon, since last three month all my efforts to get my car back fast has gone in vain as the workshop people always given me standard reply that we have ordered parts from Honda , once we receive it we will start working on it,finally 45 days back they got the parts and still the work is pending .

i have written to honda sail india which they have passed on the the serivice vendor to reply back which keeps giving false promises of the delivery of the car.
My car is at Ring Road Honda- Gurgaon since last two and half months .

please suggest were can we put written complaint against Honda Sail And Ring road Honda _ Gurgaon.


Surjit Singh Rajpurohit
P.S.I have emails of my last communication with both the parties as a evedience to the claim, which can be submitted on request.

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