HomeShop18 fraud

Location/place: Vizag

Name of company/service: HomeShop18

I Ordered a Cinni Table fan for Rs 2046/- on 30th Apr 2012. After few days I received the fan, but it was damaged. I informed and got a complaint number. Then they told me to send the product back so that they would replace. I sent it and spent Rs 750/- for courier charger as they told it’s refundable. But, on 5th June 2012, I received the fan from them as replacement. When I opened the parcel i was shocked. Because they sent me the same fan again. And they refund my courier charges after 40 days. 55 days of my time and Rs 2796/- of my money got wasted. I don’t want fan anymore as i was cheated twice for a single fan. I lost faith in them. Now, I’m expecting my money (Fan cost + Courier Charges for this second fan) back with considerable compensation.

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