home loan processing fee charged before loan sanctioned

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: hdfc home loan

Dear Mam,

I had applied for a loan from HDFC LTD, file no 604950548 Now as communicated to the RM the terms & conditions i was looking at were 20 yrs term & processing fees of 11k.
My file was still picked saying once this is logged in he will seek approval. Now the situation as it stands today is that I am getting a 15 yr term with processing fees as 0.25 of the loan amount.

I had told the RM that this is not acceptable to me. Also, there were few docs which were pending to be given at my end. Despite this I have been told that the file has been sent for processing & processing fees debited from my a/c.

Now how can the processing fees be debited, with incomplete papers & terms & conditions not fine with me and before sanction of loan. I had signed the loan form & given the processing fees cheque in good faith as your person told me that cheque of processing fee will be put for clearing only if I will accept the sanction letter .

This behaviour is not acceptable from big players like HDFC.

Would request reversal of processing fees & return of my docs.

pawan daga

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