home loan complaint a serious mishandle

Location/place: Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC Hohe Loan

Dear Sir/Madam,
I planned to buy a pre built single story house at Zeerakpur ( Near Chandigarh) , District SAS Nagar, Punjab and went into a sale agreement with the owner of the house. I applied for a home loan through a website giving reference of all such home financers in May 2012. The very next day Mr. Balwinder of Faridabad branch of HDFC Bank contacted me and the procedure for that started on 2 May 2012. As per requirement one of their executives collected my documents and got all relevant forms filled in by me. In my application forms I filled in the address of the property ( pre built house) finalised by me on 15th April 2012 as per the agreement between me and the seller. Subsequently I got the sanction orders dated 18 May 2012 vide file no. 604918422. The said property was mortgaged at Punjab National Bank, Sector 17 B , Chandigarh for loan against this property. The seller finally settled the loan amount and got the registration of the house released from the bank mortgage. I immediately got a copy of this registration and other documents related to this property as per the requirement of the HDFC executives( Ms. Shweta and Mr. Partik Jain were in contact with me through phone during this period). I offered to send the scanned copies of all documents through email to Mr. Partik, but he insisted on hard copies of all documents as he told that the same are to be sent to Chandigarh Branch for legal verification by courier. Therefore, he sent a person at my residence to collect all documents on 8th June 2012 along with the copy of the agreement. On my telephonic enquiry Mr. Pratik Jain of HDFC Faridabad, told that it will take at least a week. On enquiry after a week I was told that the process is on and will be cleared soon. I cautioned Mr. Partik Jain as well as Ms. Sweta about the last date mentioned in the agreement for payment of full and final amount along with the clause 6 mentioning forfeiting of my full biana ( advance amount) in case the deal is not finalised in the stipulated period i.e on or before 15th July 2012. Mr. Partik ensured me to get it done in the last week of June 2012. On 28th June I again contacted Mr. Partik and he ensured about the clearance of the issue in the first week of July 2012. During this whole period Ms. Sweta was also in the loop and was following the case. On 2nd June at about 2.00 pm. I got a phone call from Ms. Sweta asking for the scanned copies of all the documents again which I did immediately. After two days i.e. on 5th June Ms.Sweta demanded copies of Jamabandi for last 13 years. This was really a difficult job to get it at such a short notice. Even than I managed to get a copy of the said document. Then after two days a copy of the approved map of the house was demanded. Incidentally I decided to go to Chandigarh to speed up the process and, I offered myself to deliver the copy of the map personally to the concerned person. Ms. Sweta emailed me the address of the concerned person ( Mr. Pardeep Kumar Jaswal) at Chandigarh for the same. Mr. Pardeep Kumar Jaswal very rudely talked to me for two minutes asking for two new documents ( the location map and the photograph of the house). His behaviour was very bad and did not even showed simple courtesy. I then happen to meet Mr. Deven Kumar, Deputy General Manger, HDFC, Sector 8C Chandigarh and narrated him the whole story. He very politely gave proper ears to us and took the papers and ensured the enquiry about the case. On reaching back Delhi I was in panic as the status of getting the approval was not clear. Ms. Sweta asked me to handover the original agreement and other papers to keep the disbursement ready for payment immediately after receiving the report of the Chandigarh Branch. Mr. Balwinder informed me about the report on 13th July that HDFC does not fund the projects in Zeerakpur (where the property lies). But he also ensured to talk to higher officials to get the case cleared as special case and wanted to get the phone number of the seller to buy some time after 15th July. But everything remained in vain.
The bank officials did not give proper importance to the last late for payment as per sale agreement and unnecessary wasted a complete month. The address of the property was sent to the bank official long back and second copy was emailed on 2nd July 2012. Why they took 10 days to decide that the region is black listed by the Bank? When it was already clear that the bank will not be in a position to fund the project, why copies of Map, location Map, and other documents were demanded by them on 12th July 2012?
Due to this delay in disbursing the loan amount I had to suffer a loss of Rs. 10,00,000. My problem is not with the policy of the bank to provide home loans in certain regions. But I have strong objection on the delay in taking decision as I handed over the documents with address of the property on 8th June 2012. In case of an early decision I would have the opportunity to talk to other banks, as I am a Govt. employee and has very clear financial position for repayment of the loan amount. Moreover, the property was earlier mortgaged at PNB, Chandigarh and many other Nationalised banks have financed property in the same colony.
I do not exactly know who is at fault at HDFC bank’s end, but at last I suffered a loss of Rs. 10,00,000.
I want HDFC Ltd. to bear the loss which I suffered due to their delay in process along with the other expense and which I incurred in getting unnecessary documents from the seller and the authorities. I also underwent severe trauma and tension since my application for loan with HDFC Ltd. I want HDFC Ltd. to compensate my loss and other expenses amounting to Rs. 20,00,000 ( Rs. Twenty Lakhs only)
The seller has issued me a verbal notice to forfeit my Biana (advance money).
The case is now reported to your good offices to take appropriate action and to provide me justice. Most my conversation took place through mobile phones for which I can have details. I also have copies of the emails which I sent to the concerned officials of the bank.

With regards
Dr. Anup Rajput
Head MRED and VPD
Sri Aurobindo Marg New Delhi 110016, India
Ph. +919868255775
email [email protected]

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