Location/place: KANPUR

Name of company/service: TRAVELMASTI

From – Vikash Tibarewala
15/240 ‘H’ , Civil Lines
To –
Sub – Very Bad services on Holiday Trip booked by Travelmasti

I have booked a honeymoon trip for my family member thru
Tour was booked in May’2012 month and trip dates were 5-july-12 to 12-july-12.
Destinations were – Jammu , Srinagar , Gulmarg , Pahalgam

The company has offered to us so many good things / promises / Best services and
un-forgetable tour till the time we have not done booking with them but after doing the booking
and making 100% Advance payment Before tour ( as per their policy ) , we had to encounter
lots of bad experiances and non co-operation from them during the tour and the company
cheated us on a lot of fronts.

I am giving below only a few of them :-

[1] The tour price of 7-night/8-days tour was offered by them 35000 but we requested them
for change of hotels as per our choice. The company revised tour price to Rs. 37,500 due
to hotels as per our desire. We accpeted their higher price and they had to give us hotels
of our choice.

In Pahalgam we have done the booking for HIGHLAND RESORTS.

M/s Travelmasti booked HOTEL HIGHLAND instead of our booked hotel.

When we reached HIGHLAND RESORTS , they told us that there is no booking of ours
with them. It was already late evening when we reached pahalgam and somehow we managed
to call to travelmasti ( Ms. Asha on their behalf) . Ms. Asha told us that our booking is in
HOTEL HIGHLAND ? It was a big shock to us but we could not do anything because
travlemasti has already taken 100% advance before tour. They simply did not listen
to us and send us to a very bad hotel and not as per hotel voucher given by them.

We have confirmation voucher given by travelmasti to us of HIGHLAND RESORTS but
we had to stay in hotel highland.

M/s Travelmasti Cheated us very very badly on PHALGAM HOTEL STAY.

[2] On the day of arrival at Jammu , our pre-booked CAR was scheduled to receive us before
our reaching. But no body received us on reaching JAMMU. We had to wait for nearly 1-hour
at jammu bus station at 8 am in the morning and we had to make 1-dozen phone calls only
after that CAB came. We have reached jammu at 8 am in the moring after a 12-hour long
overnight bus journey and we have done advance booking with travelmasti for our comfort
but instead of comformt we had to face HARDSHIPS in an un-known state.

[3] On the last day of our tour on 12-th july , our return train journey was booked from jammu
railway station by 2.30 PM train ex jammu to kanpur. This fact was told to travlemasti before
finalising tour iterary. It was told to them , sent by email to them. Accordingly travlemasti
told us that we have to go to pahalgam in the last because by leaving pahalgam in the moring
( after breakfast from hotel) , we can reach jammu in time and catch our train.

On the first day of our tour – the taxi driver of travlemasti told us that he can not reach pahalgam to jammu
in less than 12-hours ( that too if no traffic jam recd during journey). He compelled us to leave
Pahalgam at 2 AM MIDNIGHT.

As soon as we came to know this on 5th july , al lthrough 5-july to 10-july , we requested travlemasti
that this is not correct and no holiday or honeymoon programs are planned in such a way that we
have to leave at 2 o’clock Midnight . We clearly told travlemasti that it was very bad on thier part and
we told them that we are not ready to start at midnight. We requested them to cancell even our pahalgam
trip and give us night at jammu so that we do noyt have to travel during night.

But they simply did not listem to us and told us hotel bookings etc. can not be chamged ( even
when they were at fault). They compelled us to make a journey during NIGHT hours which we were
not interested for our children.

Apart from this there were other small small cheatings by travlemasti but that would make this
complait very very long , hence all thoseare not being written here.

It was a very BAD experiance to book travle with TRAVELMASTI.


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