Hitachi Split Ac Customer service – Request Number : 19072500003 #Bad Experience#

‌Hi ,

I am a customer of Hitachi ,I bought a Hitachi Split Ac Model No : RSB518HBEA/2018 on 17th April 2019. It was going all right. But, suddenly found a cooling problem on July 23rd 2019. So, On 24th July 2019, I registered a Hitachi Split Ac BREAKDOWN complaint request No. 19072500003 for my home AIR CONDITIONER. This is to note, within gurantee period this ac breakdown issue occurred. Next day I got message that, this ticket was assigned .On 25th July, an AC engineer attended our house to check the AC. He told that the outdoor unit IC chip was faulted, so it need to be changed. Initially He told it will be another 7 days time required to fix the issue, for the chipset to order at Hitachi Head office and to deliver at their Kolkata Hitachi service center. I agreed that he will fix this issue after 7 days when the chipset comes to Kolkata office. I found a message the next day, 25th July 2019 the request number : 19072500003 is Cancelled by system saying reason : “unable to contact me”, I do not know the reason why it was cancelled when a complaint is assigned and another engineer came to inspect the ac problem in my house . Then I got another message that A new Complaint number was registered, Req no : 19072602393 and it was assigned again .But even after almost 2 weeks, He didnot came, I called him repeated times, but the only answer was, it will take another week. I also requested him many times that my Father is a cardiac patient and needs AC to be fixed as early as possible, but all was in vain.

On 6th August 2019, I again called him and in his Kolkata Hitachi office Service Center and asked what Customer Service they are providing, He kept us Pending for a long period without a proper date of delivery, increasing our sufferings.

Finally they arrived on 7th August 2019 at Evening time to fix the issue with chipset. While they were working with complaint number : 19072602393, I am not at all satisfied because they were Releasing AC GAS of huge amount while fixing the ac outdoor unit chipset. Now what will happen when my AC will just reach/cross the gurantee period end date and AC Gas becomes low, again this will cause Cooling problem. Then I have to pay service charge,Gas refill amount etc. etc. In this way, Hitachi is providing good service to their customers??? Moreover, they did not give me any reciept copy of servicing, because they told that as it was free service they will not give any such copy.

My Home Address :

487/8 Nilachal Birati. Kolkata 700051

Registered Mobile number at Hitachi Ac Complaints site : 9883382865


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