Highly mis-behaved by the Bata Store

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Bata

My 3 year old daughter got admitted into a renowned school in kolkata.She was prescribed by the school authority to buy black and white “welcro” shoes(shoes with buckle) from any of the Bata Store.Therefore my wife,my daughter and myself went to the Bata Store (City Centre) which was located near our residence in Saltlake.We were attended by Mr A.Das the salesman.He was showing us the shoes in the mean time my wife asked him about this”welcro” shoe.He abruptly said that its not available and just walked away as if we did not exists anymore.My wife called him twice requesting him to show the sizes of the shoes, as at that time my daughter was also there as it becomes difficult to take out the child every time but he did not pay any heed to her ,ignoring as if any begger is begging for some money.I revolted against this attitude of the salesman as a result some of the other customers who were there at time also started revolting against that salesman.
Now,when i asked Mr Kamal Adhyya,the store manager,about the name of the salesman.He provided me the name of the salesman as Mr A.Das.I urged him to give me his full name,he arrogently denied me and said write A.Das only if you want or leave .

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