Highly dissatisfying service from Videocon Washin Machine – Model number : VDM65JRD

Location/place: Mumbai – Kandivali West

Name of company/service: Videocon

To Respective concerns,

Subject : Pathetic Washing Machine, Pathetic After Sale Service & Very rude behaviour by seniors at the show room centre

This is Mr. Mishal Arvind Vithlani son of Mrs. Heena Arvind Vithlani & have bought a Videocon – Washing Machine dated 19th Nov, 2011 Model Number : VDM65JRD (6.5Kg) from Wagle’s Alap Eletronics with 2years warranty.

Owners name of the Washing MAchine : Mr. Arvind R Vithlani.
Compaints launced by Mr. Arvind R Vithlani.

This is to inform you that since the time of purchase this Machine is purely a disaster, this is been raised to the Customer Service for 5 times earlier & all the times we were been assured that the said concern shall be resolved & this is suppose to be my 5th complain in regards to the same issue.

Problem with the Machine : The net in the Machine is not capable enough to collect the dust while the spin is on & the dust is finally been found on the clothes all over & this finally leads to untidyness on the clothes.

details of baseless service provided on each complains :

On complaining for the 1st time
Complain ID : MUM0605110340 dated 06th May, 2011 we were been informed that the technician shall be sent at our address & the concern shall be resolved, technician was available finally & was suggested that the issue was with the tub in the machine & hence the NET in the tub needs to changed which was finally been replaced by the technician & was assured that this concern shall not be raised again.

But we fail to get the complete satisfaction & the issue remains as it is hence, called up for the 2nd time Complain ID : MUM2805110174 dated 28th May, 2011 again the same details were been provided that the technician shall be arranged at our place & the concern shall be resolved. Technician was available & he suggested this time that the TUB inside the MAchine is not working properly hence the same needs to be replaced & same was been done accordingly & was assured that the concer shall be resolved now, but unfortunately the complain remains as it is.

Now on complaining for the 3rd time Complain ID : MUM1006110503 dated 10t June, 2011 we failed to receive any response on the same hence we were forced to call up again on the same number

Hence, called up for the 4th time Complain ID : MUM1306110403 again the same details were been provided that the technician shall be arranged at our place & the concern shall be resolved. Technician was available & this time as per technician he says this seems to be a criticalissue hence this machine needs to taken into observation & repair to the company & same was been done accordingly. We were been provided back with the machine post 15-20 days comfirming that the same is now been resolved but IT FEELS REALLY REALLY DISHEARTEND TO SAY THAT THE PROBLEM STILL PERSIST EVEN FTER COMPLAINING FOR FOUR TIMES

Above that when we requested to reaplce the machine even though we have 2 years of warrany & insipte of problem not getting solved, we were not been provided with any sort of commitment.


Still bending our egoes we again called up once again on the customer number & spoke to Ms Rusa & explained her the issue she understood the criticality & she transfered the line to the Snior desk & the senior executive who attended the phone was Mr. Nikhil Birmal (Team Leader) he too understood the complain & had again launced a compian as per the routine procedures & have provided me one more Complain ID : MUM290710681.

We are been informed that the zonal manager of your area (Kandivali) Mr. Mohamad Munaf Qureshi – [email protected] shall get in touch with you & shall arrange for the technician once again.

OUR REQUIREMENT : This is to inform you that no more technicians would be allowed to enter my place hereon. This time I would like you to get this concern resolved with immediate effect by replaing the machine with a new one since, this falls well under our perview of 2 years warranty.

Expecting a quick revert on this as no more pain shall be beared post mentioning the above mentioned history.

CC : Consumer Court

Regards, Mishal Vithlani.
Mobile : 09821245680 /09820264525
Address :
Charkop Chitra CHS. Ltd.

A-402, Sai Chitra,

Plot No. 23

RSC 22.

Sector 8

Charkop Kandivali (W)

Mumbai 400067

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