Higheer Price than actual prise/Duplicate supplies of Vehicle/Two wheleer Parts.

Location/place: Leh-Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir.

Name of company/service: Spare Parts of all Vehicles

Respected Sir,
I am an Aam Public from District Leh Ladakh , of Jammu and Kashmir State, that i found in our city Leh the spare parts shops of Vehicles/Two wheeler are charging more than the actual prise of the spares and in some items the MRP print were missing and they pasting an MRP stiker insted of original MRP which should be printed on the Parts. It is my request your kind self to please look into the matter. as i have bought a parts for my Motor cycle few days back they charge me the price of Original part later i found that the part that i bought was doublicate and the price of theat part was 50% less then the Original me many people were Fooled by the Spare Shops.
Most of the Items in there shops

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