Heihgt of indecency..Fraudsters & Liars!

Location/place: Gurgaon

Name of company/service: Vodafone

This pertains to purchase of a new postpaid CUG connection few days back.

Its really sad to see the way the sale of connections are handled. I am really irritated with the behavior of Vodafone’s staff and really want to escalate the matter so that they are taken to task. In a customer-driven industry if the staff is behaving in a manner like they do at Vodafone, I am afraid I will have to take up this matter to higher authorities.

This is not the first time I have had a problem with taking a new connection from Vodafone. 2 years back, when I had taken a connection in Mumbai, I had faced similar issues.

Sad state of affairs…where I have to waste my time writing a stupid complaint like this!

Okay, let me first state hat the exact issue is:
I am a Vodafone customer from past two years in Mumbai. On getting transferred to Gurgaon, I asked my company to help me get a CUG connection from Vodafone, to which they obliged. I had handed over a letter to Vodafone executive on my company letter head along with all the supporting documents. The personal residential address was also mentioned and it was clearly informed that since nobody is home on weekdays, they should do the verification at office address. I verified my both addresses on 117 2 days back.I again got a call on Sunday morning regarding verification and I told the executive that they should visit my office on Monday for verification. Once again, an hour later, I got a call from some other executive asking the home address. On telling him again that I am not available at home, he behaved in a very very absurd manner and started talking in a tone which was very repulsive. Next morning, I got a message saying my outgoing has been barred due to non-payment. How unethical is that??? Is somebody trying to play a prank or is it some kind of mockery??? Now when I called your customer care, Mr. Gurpal Singh tells me that unless I visit Vodafone store, the connection will not be active!!!! Getting verification calls on SUNDAYS for visiting offices for verification…is that also some kind of joke??? Lack of professionalism I guess.

I am very disappointed with the way these guys are handling loyal and old customers !! Its frustrating and I am not going to sit quiet at least this time.

Also, I had requested their Nodal officer Ms. V Sini to listen to the recordings of their customer care executives and the way they have handled my case!

From past 15 days I am only getting calls from some or the other person and despite repeatedly telling them about the address, they are not understanding. Wot’s even more funny is that they do not maintain a single data base and for every single query a customer gets atleast 4 calls!!!! None of the voice recordings are checked.

Damn Vodafone and its highly incompetent staff!! Even Nodal officer and Appellate authority are big idiots, incapable of handling customers!!

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